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“Simultaneously, they will also train other volunteers, para-legal workers and other members of Saheli.

” or on Adult Videos, but somewhere along the line women picked up some misguided techniques to turn a man on. Under the pilot project, named ‘Bol Saheli’, the workers can report the important cases on the IVR system.Currently, 20 members, including Saheli staff and peer educators, are undergoing basic training for four days.For the past three days, 20 members of Saheli, a community-based organisation (CBO) made up of women sex workers in red light areas of the city that works in the areas of HIV prevention and control, have been attending a programme that will train them to record the problems noticed by them during the awareness programmes they conduct on a regular basis.“Since it is a community-based organisation, most of the workers working for the organisation are illiterate.

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