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Most airlines require that you limit your carry-on items to one carry-on bag plus one personal item, such as a laptop computer, briefcase, purse, or camera case. South Bend is on Eastern Time (Michigan and New York time) year-round.

10) What is the difference between a direct and a nonstop flight? To ensure the safety and security of all passengers, unattended baggage will be removed and impounded.

If you believe you have left an item on the airplane, please contact your airline.

21) How can I advertise at South Bend International Airport?

A nonstop flight travels from one airport to another without stopping. Passengers traveling on direct flights make a stop at other airports but remain on the plane while some passengers leave and others arrive. 12) Does SBN have lockers or baggage-check locations to store my luggage at the airport?

Unfortunately, due to current security regulations, there are no lockers or baggage-check areas in South Bend International Airport.

Minors under the age of 18 are not required to provide an ID at the airport ticket counter or the security checkpoint.Advertising at South Bend International Airport is handled through Clear Channel Airport Advertising.Please contact Clear Channel directly at #0 or you may visit the Airport Information Office, located near baggage claim.Free wi-fi internet service is available throughout the airport.Simply launch your browser and connect to SBN-Free Wi Fi.

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