American guns paige dating

Desperate to win his affections, Ellen tries to impress him after he asks her out to a jazz concert and then to an opera.But when Ellen introduces him to the world of TV, his fixation on it makes their relationship boring.Ellen, Paige, and Adam sneak into a movie premier by pretending to be someone else, but it turns out to be a charity benefit that they are believed to have donated a large amount to, and Ellen is plagued with guilt at the deception.To make up for it, she volunteers at The Helping Hand.Ellen arranges a birthday party for Adam and invites all of their friends they went to college with.

Paige persuades Ellen to relieve her job stress at a posh health spa she is going to for the weekend, which brings out tension between both of them over the painful massages, mud baths, and dinner schedules.

Also, Joe has to swear off coffee after a doctor's visit that has diagnosed him with a stomach ulcer. So Ellen tries to break up with him, but she cannot find the right time before Christmas and ends up at his house singing Christmas carols.

Meanwhile, Joe and his new girlfriend, Stephanie, are scaring customers away with their on-again, off-again relationship.

Meanwhile, Adam enters a photography contest for women, and Paige loses her boss's car.

Adam's friend Theresa (Kathy Najimy) visits and Ellen feels threatened when Theresa's funny stories are the life of the party.

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