Andy stanley sermons on dating

However, if God has placed a desire in your heart for greatness in your relationships where you’re not willing to settle then I think this question will be an avenue through which you can begin to pursue that desire.It’s freeing to know that you don’t have to find the perfect person that will make everything better – I imagine that this is the source of so much of the pressure that single people put on themselves in their dating relationships. If we are not secure in who we are in Christ as an individual, we’ll constantly struggle in our relationships because we’ll be looking for fulfillment and life from that other person, and not from Christ.Andy sums this up by saying the following: What he means by this is that what you do today, right now in this moment, in your current relationships will affect your future relationships.And I think if we’re all being honest with ourselves, we know that.This blog post is one of four about a message series by Andy Stanley entitled “The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating.” I’ve decided to write about these messages because they’ve altered and refined my outlook on relationships and marriage.In addition, I truly feel that anyone, single or married, can stand to benefit from listening to them.This message by Andy Stanley is pretty much specifically aimed at the “fairy tale” beliefs that so many people have about relationships. Well, many of us (Christians and non-Christians) have been raised to believe that when we meet “the right person” that the skies will open up, the angels will sing, and the world will come to a stop in honor of this momentous occasion in history.

Listening to this first message was the first step in that direction.Andy’s insight comes in the form of a question: This seems like a deceptively simple question, and it is.However, it also offers the ultimate in potential for exploring how God is calling us to live out our relationships.The great thing about this question is that it focuses our attention off of the person that we’re pursuing, off of their attributes, and puts the focus squarely back on us.This can be either very uncomfortable or very liberating. Well, if you’re not wanting to evaluate yourself and enjoy “playing the game,” then I suspect that you will not like this question very much.

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