Anushka sharma and ranveer singh dating

Kabir tells his family he knew about the couple's relationship and that he is in love with Farah.

Neelam sees Kamal flirting with one of the female guests and wonders why she did not divorce him despite his past infidelities.Kamal Mehra is a businessman who owns Ay Ka, a company on the verge of bankruptcy.He has a troubled relationship with his wife, Neelam and with his two children, Ayesha and Kabir.He also tries to persuade them to let her proceed with her divorce as she is not happy with the marriage, but Kamal and Neelam still refuse, believing marriages are lifelong commitments.Infuriated, Kabir tells Kamal that he, Neelam and Ayesha were all aware of his adultery and that Neelam has been bearing his infidelities and suffering silently to save the family.

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