Anushka sharma and ranveer singh dating Free asian web chat

Ayesha considers divorcing her husband, whom she believes is incompatible with her.Her parents are staunchly against it because they believe it will dishonour the family.

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Ayesha realises that she still harbours feelings for Sunny, who is now a successful journalist.Elsewhere, Kamal sees Noori making out with Rana and has a fit, after which he is rushed to the on-board emergency room.At the clinic, Kamal tells Kabir he saw Noori with Rana and asks him to end his relationship with her.Noori is in love with Rana Khanna, the son of Vinod and Vandana.The Khannas, however, are sworn enemies of the Soods, so Kabir and Noori decide to manipulate their parents into believing they are dating each other while continuing with their respective relationships.

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