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Serge Saumur, a lead plaintiff in one of the class action suits in Canada who spent around 0 to join the site in early 2015, isn’t buying their new pitch.

“Whatever they are going to do to prove to me that they are safe or anything, I wouldn’t put no more money in there,” Saumur said.

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Ashley Madison, the infidelity hook-up site that was hit with a devastating hack last year, is back in hot water due to a U. Federal Trade Commission investigation and a slew of suits over the site’s use of “fembots” to bait cheating men.

An Ernst and Young report confirmed that the owner of the controversial dating site, Avid Life Media, used the fake dating profiles to impersonate real women and scam eager male customers into entering their credit card information. and Canada who were lured in by the fembots have filed class action lawsuits against the dating site, which enabled clandestine extra-marital hook-ups with the slogan “Life is short.

The site’s male-to-female ratio (of real humans) is five to one, executives revealed. Have an affair." According to a Gizmodo analysis of the hacked user data, the phony female accounts would initiate chats with men saying things like “Hmmmm, when I was younger I used to sleep with my friend’s boyfriends.

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“A sugar daddy,” comes one succinct response to my introductory question. The site invites me to spend it at every turn, and users were even charged £15 to delete their profile prior to the hack.

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One is old enough to be my mother and has a username that, without giving too much away, is an instruction to engage part of my mouth with a baked good she has in her possession.

Another user says she’s looking for: “A passionate one-night stand like there is no tomorrow”.

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