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All the remaining content is inserted dynamically after placing additional HTTP requests for JSON data.In this context, posting a form is merely a Java Script-driven request.The list of customers of Figure 1, therefore, might be generated from code as below.By the way, the sample code below is based on Bootstrap.Even if they press F5 or Refresh within the browser all they obtain is a plain refresh of the page; no additional deletion of data occurs.

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The most important point to remember is that an endpoint that returns a partial HTML view should only be called via script.Today, the Ajax approach is often taken to the limit when single-page applications (SPA) are built.A single-page application (or just a few-pages application) downloads from the web server as an empty DIV element.When the PRG pattern is used to implement a POST, the last action repeatable by the browser is always a GET.As a result, users will see the updated list of customers.

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