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Monica Porter appeared on This morning to talk about sex with younger men and how she's received plenty of other offers since her revelations. Nicole Kidman on why double Emmy win was more meaningful than Best Actress Academy gong 'You're gonna get laid if you're young, straight and English': This keeps you open to someone who might not be your type. You will get texts during the day saying "I love you" or telling you how special you are.

Their winning composition shall soon be heard in Ang Dating Daan Bible.

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Today, think of a problematic aspect of your life, and then try to imagine how life would be different - not if the situation changed, but if your attitude changed.

If there's a hole in the middle of the street, the municipality comes and erects a fence so no one will get hurt by falling in.

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    (Stardust)Akshaye Khanna has had a conservative image in the media.

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    Ten planes were made for the Romanian Air Force, being the second-ever military air force in the world.

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    Throughout its history, New York City has been a major point of entry for immigrants; the term "melting pot" was coined to describe densely populated immigrant neighborhoods on the Lower East Side.

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    You'd be surprised where that will get you with most of us ladies. I guess I used to be like that, but I've spent too much wasting it on guys who didn't know what they were doing in bed. We worked hard to make these facts a reality, and we work hard to keep them that way.

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    Texts in which Mateen repeatedly bashed Wolfe’s romantic life and threatened her future at the company citing their strained relationship were presented as evidence; the case was settled out of court.