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They selected a guest chef, Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit in New York, an American citizen who was born in Ethiopia, reared in Sweden and cooks up melting pots of flavors and cuisines. Apologies for falling behind on our Couric-Perlin blogging.Going somewhat the other way, rumor has it that Katie Couric, 52, may wed her 35-year-old smoochums Brooks Perlin this year. Couric was the Commencement Speaker in 2007 and I have a crazy theory that it was the Williams connection that brought the two together.Keep in mind that she is grist for the tabloid mill, and that she'd inevitably be caught.Seen that way, her behavior can only be described as self destructive.“If these photos make their way to web sites and blogs, it could be very embarrassing.” Less than a month after her CBS debut, she attended a cancer fund-raiser in Manhattan where she was introduced to a tall, good-looking young man by the name of Brooks Perlin.Unlike the self-made types Katie had been attracted to in the past – Jay Monahan, Tom Werner, and Chris Botti – Perlin came from a family of privilege.Since the stuff about Katie being a bitch to work for has already been all over the papers, let's just jump to the sex parts!Here, the newly-installed anchorwoman meets a much younger man and damages feminism forever.

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Unlike the self-made types Katie had been attracted to in the past - Jay Monahan, Tom Werner, and Chris Botti - Perlin came from a family of privilege. They seem happy.""It's a great match," said another friend of Katie's. They make each other really happy."Somehow, they managed to elude the paparazzi and keep their love affair secret for several months.

"Not to be too psychoanalytical about it, but I think he was looking for a little normalcy possibly, and maybe he saw me as kind of a normal person," she reasoned. That would have been insane — breaking bread with Michael Jackson!

Currently browsing posts filed under "Brooks Perlin ’96" Follow this category via RSS Page 6 checks in with CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric and Brooks Perlin ’96, finds everything to be in working order. Clearly a reference to her honorary Williams degree and to the college that brought (? The It is an old tradition, a White House dinner governed by ritual and protocol that happens to be this city’s hottest social event.

And you can be sure that if Les Moonves knew about it, he'd have thrown a conniption fit."It's my guess that Katie didn't really understand why she was flaunting this relationship with a younger man, and how, in an unconscious way, this might have been connected to her discomfort in the role of a serious news anchor," this person continued.

"She would have told you that she had fallen in love. A Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher kind of thing.* But it sure looked like she was acting out in a very serious way."———————————————————————————————————- *The age difference between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher is fifteen years.

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