Celebrity victims of dating violence Couplesexchat

Domestic violence has been a huge topic in the news lately.Abuse is found in every class, every country, and every race. Megan Holmes, part of the social work program at Case Western Reserve University, partnered with the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center to show domestic violence isn’t only found in the inner-city neighborhoods.

Mariah Carey’s situation was even trickier than that: she had a business relationship with her abuser as well.

This is when the abuse is coming from a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend (as opposed to a parent, sibling, etc.) and can come in the form of physical, emotional, mental, or sexual.

Overcoming the abuse Mariah Carey said, “You get into a situation and you feel locked in.” This often happens in any abusive situation: you might feel like your abuser really does love you and that they didn’t mean to hurt you.

When anti-black racial bias combines with our attitudes about violence in the home and our worshipful celebrity culture, it fails to effectively call domestic violence out where it sees it.

And visibility is critical in addressing a problem that affects so many.“Domestic violence can be perpetrated against anyone, regardless of race, age, socioeconomic class, sex, religion, culture or any other factor,” Gandy adds.

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