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Gradually try to do this with every girl that looks worthy of your attention and slowly build up a catalog of astute observations in your mind that go along with each one. when you finally DO get a chance to trade several words with one of these cuties, rather than stumble and bumble around attempting to say something amazing you'll have something cool and impressive already locked-and-loaded into your skull: "I saw your floor set the other day and I was amazed by your ab routine.

You show off the results amazingly well…" you casually flirt with her, "…any chance that you could take me through side-by-side and show me how it's done?

It may take a few encounters to get her thinking about you in a romantic sense, if at all - and so you have to play it cool.

Pay her attention when it's appropriate to do so, but never slavishly. Remember that the EYES tell the whole story when it comes to women…

People are in a different frame of mind at the gym and often broadcast a variety of nonverbal "stay away" signals that only the boldest dare challenge.

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Plus, your remark makes sense to her in this particular situation - it's not just some canned line.2) Have one loaded in the chamber and ready to go at all times.Your chances with ladies at the fitness center will almost always seem to arrive out of the blue…The high-cardio spinning pumps up the same adrenaline and other juicy-juices in the body that dancing does - and you know how crazy women are with regards to dancing!Of course, spinning classes and aerobics present the same type of problems that clubs do in that the noise and "action-distraction" levels make it hard to connect with anyone on anything other than a wholly superficial level.

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