Company of heroes online game updating

Since this game hasn't been released, it's not possible that they reviewed it under this policy.Additionally, I looked through the last years worth of magazines and didn't see a review.It is likely that this review is in the upcoming magazine, and THQ saw no reason to publish a different box one month after release.Gundato , 13 September 2006 (UTC) "PC Gamer UK awarded Company of Heroes 94%, the highest they have given an RTS, they also gave it a 'Must Buy' tag".

It's fairly rare but seems like its starting to become more common.

- , ( ) Direct X 10 or later aren't supported by COH1 and create in game texture errors. - Don't forget from time to time to empty you COH Log Files: (PC/Documents/My Games/Company Of Heroes Relaunch/Log Files) A lot of Gigas are taking from those files!

- When playing a skirmish versus ai disconnect you from the steam chat/friend panel (if your machine is slow) - For people having trouble in online multiplayer "crash": go to documents/my games/company of heroes relaunch/playback. You need to create a text document with notepad or wordpad and call it - Errors/Crashes/Game not launching properly because of missing files --- "verify integrity of game files" button to prevent having missing textures, Warning, this will delete your customs units "native" speeches sounds by replacing them by the original v COH ones.

If they wont put some good copy protection on the game then thats it, its theirs and not ours. AS i wrote these reviews, like everybody had their ideas how come you didnt posted them?

I posted something on that page when the game was still in beta. This game breaks the rules of RTS, as, it is not as the old Age of Empires, Or Empire Earth.

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