Company of heroes online game updating

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This article is related to the original Company of Heroes and Blitzkrieg Mod game settings, it has nothing to do with Historical add-on, please BUY THE ORIGINAL GAME (Company of Heroes, NOT the LEGACY version who is not compatible) to prevent BUGS & CRASHES, this is a very cheap game and he's earned it!

--.35 (talk) , 4 August 2008 (UTC) PC Gamer, as a matter of policy, doesn't review games before they are completed.

This stems from a debacle many years ago when they gave a positive review to a game which, when shipped, was filled with bugs and flaws.

Since this game hasn't been released, it's not possible that they reviewed it under this policy.

Additionally, I looked through the last years worth of magazines and didn't see a review.

I just bought the game and can see the review on the box.However that edit was deleted, i still dont know why (i am not really familiar with wikipedia, i used to read articles, and not to post).If anybody wants to write me a message then my email is [email protected] playing COH, DON'T FORGET TO INCREASE YOUR PC VIRTUAL MEMORY ( ) & ALWAYS HAVE A GRAPHIC CARD DRIVER UPDATED, mods are in general more hungry with PC resources.- IMPORTANT: Do not set your Shaders quality on "ultra" but high, otherwise it will create visual errors, ultra shaders aren't supported by the COH1 engine.

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