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You may eventually be giving ultimatums, only to be put off or given false promises.

You may find yourself stood up when various situations arise with his family that prevent him from keeping dates.

However, at the same time you know you are treating yourself as if you do not deserve someone who could be there for you 100%.

Reading the above may bring up strong feelings that you haven’t been aware of before.

But as things progress and the honeymoon period wears off you start to have questions, you bring them up to you lover, but most likely come away with answers that leave you only partially or not at all satisfied.

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However, deep down you know you have made a choice to participate in something that can result in devastation for any number of people.

If you are a single woman that has been seeing a married man for some time and reading this, chances are that you have already gone through the initial stages of infatuation and blinding bliss.

In these initial stages you are not wanting to think too deeply about the realities you are creating in your life by pursuing this relationship.

Ooooh i will be this kind of mom when the boys are older.

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