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It’s the dominant aspect of Duke’s pitch to recruits.

The second you get on campus, however, that narrative changes if things don’t go Krzyzewski’s way.

2002: 1; Sweet Sixteen 2003: 3; Sweet Sixteen 2004: 1; Final Four 2005: 1; Sweet Sixteen 2006: 1; Sweet Sixteen 2007: 6; 1st Round 2008: 2; 2nd Round 2009: 2; Sweet Sixteen 2010: 1; National Champion 2011: 1; Sweet Sixteen 2012: 2; 1st Round 2013: 2; Elite Eight 2014: 3; 1st Round 2015: 1; National Champion 2016: 4; Sweet Sixteen 2017: 2; 2nd Round In sixteen years, Duke has reached a round in the tournament commensurate with its seed a grand total of four times.

Duke has been a top-4 seed in each of those seasons, which is admittedly impressive, but that’s…not a good return on investment.

For Coach K, he’s ready to throw his own players under the bus the second things don’t go his way.The national media has always adored Duke and Coach K, but their recent spike in recruiting success has only magnified that love fest. Luckily for us, another fanbase shares that same hatred for the Duke program and its leader, and UNC writer Chad Floyd wrote an article calling them out for their nonsense.Let me preface by saying I am by no means a UNC supporter, and their program certainly has their own demons to deal with, but the piece criticizing the ridiculous Coach K love affair is spot on.In their most recent recruiting class, Duke snagged commitments from Kentucky targets Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett, among other elite prospects.Over the last few years, that trend has slowly shifted to the norm, with top talent opting for Duke over the Wildcats.

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