Dating gibson bass

It was through his work with Cyndi Lauper and Wierd Al Yancovic that Rick was selected as producer and songwriter ("I AM A REAL AMERICAN") for the WWF (World Wrestling Federation).

He also designed a guitar for BC RICH handmade guitars called the STEALTH, and later returned to work with his old friend Edgar Winter in 1990 for the LP, "EDGAR WINTER AND RICK DERRINGER LIVE IN JAPAN".

I didn't meet Johnny that night, but did a few months later when Steve brought both Johnny and Edgar to see The Mc Coys at a club called The Tarot Club.

TG: How was it decided that The Mc Coys become the AND in Johnny Winter AND?

How did you guys figure out who was going to play what? I've always been a guy who's pretty supportive, its just my nature, so I came in to the situation with the attitude that I wanted to support Johnny and make it work.

I was the kind of guitar player who had grown up when electric guitar playing was still in its infancy, so I first learned how to play rhythm.

His newest release, "ELECTRA BLUES" stays true to the blues tradition and runs the gamut from grinding slow blues to steaming shuffles with an intensity and prowess that reveals his roots and shows how far he's come throughout the years.Look for a new book on Derringer and other 70's rock guitarists, due to hit the stores in late 2001. Steve had read that now-famous Rolling Stone article (on Johnny Winter) and had mentioned to everybody that he was going to go and find the guy, and sure enough, he found Johnny and brought him back to New York.The first time I saw Johnny play was at the Fillmore East, and I think it was in 1968.Derringer's first solo album, "ALL AMERICAN BOY" was released in 1973 and included his rendition of the already famous "ROCK AND ROLL HOOCHIE KOO".In the same year Rick was again included as guitarist/writer and producer of Johnny Winter's "STILL ALIVE AND WELL", and as player/producer of Edgar's biggest hit album, "THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT", the latter featuring the number one, GRAMMY nominated monster hit "FRANKENSTEIN".

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