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Even the best of best friends can tell you that you are screwing up and that your girlfriend is crazy, but you won’t listen. The moment you get into a relationship like that means you go from having no kids to having kids. If you’re a girl reading this, I know that there are a bunch of psycho guys out there as well.

Your friends are the ones that will be there before and after you finally see what is happening, so you should listen to them even if it’s hard to hear. You are the defacto extra parent to those kids now. I’ve had to put restraining orders on them because I was dating their ex.

How dare your Dad flip out on you when you’re 13, throw a huge house party, get caught having sex in his bedroom as he breaks up the party. The hatred of a parent or lack of one is the beginning. Friends know when a friend is miserable even when they are in denial. when the majority of your friends are pointing things out about how you’re being treated and you take a step back and look, you should listen to them If not, you could end up settling with her, getting married, having a kid who flunks English, and working in a job you hate until you die. She now has more than one kid from multiple partners, and you start dating her. It soon turned into me going to a wedding with her and dancing with her daughter as people took pictures like I was her real Dad. I started giving her money even though I couldn’t really afford to give it to her. because her ex’s were paying child support, there was no child custody hearings, and she was out of her mind… Once again, try to direct more blood to your brain and not your penis. It is almost always the case when a girl you date starts off really awesome, but slowly starts freaking you the f*ck out. Having to constantly tell someone that everything is okay will lead you to dig yourself into a hole. Because she can’t be satisfied in anyway since she has lived a life of being let down by family. She will make you promise her, which you will do because you’re an idiot. You know that show on MTV where it has teens being mothers? This one is the primer for all the craziness that you will have to deal with. You’ll be in that perfect post-coital bliss, and she’ll tell you about how a family member raped her. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I started seeing someone who started getting a little crazy, she had tattoo’s on her wrists and fingers. But it’s always an immediate signal of caution when you see them. Her – “Yeah, we were at the club, and I was talking to another guy, right?Now, I have also dated girls that had them, but were perfectly normal. If they have something very personal, like an ex-boyfriend as one of those tattoo’s, get out. Anyone willing to tattoo someones name on their fingers that isn’t their kid’s name is probably out of her mind. The first few dates with a girl that seem to go fine are always a welcome thing, but it’s when you’ve been dating for a while that things start to come up. So, I turn around and he grabs my hair, pulls be to the stairs to the staircase to the bar in the basement, and he throws me down it.

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