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Give the gifts to her, just explain to her that some people don't know how to be parents so they are trying to do what's best for the kids, but he does care so that's why he comes once in awhile to see you, etc. Just make sure it's nothing she does that makes him go away for period on end.

Just make sure you name yourself and your family and bf that loves her and she'll see the big picture. I have to disagree with the second, because it sounds like your bf is her "dad" despite not being her father, so I do feel that his feelings matter - but he needs to take a look at why this offends him so much.

Her father will always be her father - no one can erase that history, but he's not being her "Dad", so your bf has nothing to fear or be jealous of. Sadly you and your boyfriend are adults, your daughter is not as yet.

All you can do is help her work through her feelings and emotions about her natural father as and when the topic comes up.

My boyfriend (we live together) is basically her father figure and he is LIVID and wants me to send them back (we are trying to get him to sign over his rights) and my parents are telling me to give them to her and just not tell her who they are from.

It won't take away from the loyalty and love she'll feel for your boyfriend long term.

Based on the published reports of 30% fraud this would be prudent in most scenarios?

The fact that he sent the gifts to your parent s house suggest that he does not know where you live?

The potential for incredible resentment to build up if "natural father" shows up when she's a teenager and tell her you didn't pass stuff on is enormous, and could damage your own relationship with her forever.

Don't light that stick of dynamite, cos that's what you'd be doing by denying her both the gift and the knowledge of who it's from.

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