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Every child has a right and usually a strong desire to know about their genetic heritage, it's part of being human.It won't take away from the loyalty and love she'll feel for your boyfriend long term.My boyfriend (we live together) is basically her father figure and he is LIVID and wants me to send them back (we are trying to get him to sign over his rights) and my parents are telling me to give them to her and just not tell her who they are from.She does not remember her biological father and had never asked about him from the day he disappeared.There seems to be some inconsistencies that i am not picking up on?He either wants to be a part of his daughters life or he does not want to be?Her father will always be her father - no one can erase that history, but he's not being her "Dad", so your bf has nothing to fear or be jealous of. Sadly you and your boyfriend are adults, your daughter is not as yet.All you can do is help her work through her feelings and emotions about her natural father as and when the topic comes up.

Well last Friday my parents recieved a package in the mail, and they were christmas presents from him for my daughter.

If anything she'll appreciate the generosity of spirit it took to let her have that gift and knowledge that she wasn't totally rejected out of hand. Let her enjoy the gifts as "anonymous" Santa Claus. There must be a reason he's been in and out of her life and once the results are in.... It's always the children that get bantered around in the end and they end up suffering over a loss of one parent or the other because both of them are fighting over her.

Dear Mo De St Mo Mmy, I think with this whole paternity suit etc..it's hard for him to accept her as his right now but until you get the results of that he still thinks there's a chance that she may be his and he's trying to make at least some attempt at reaching out to her. Don't make her feel like it's her fault and "not" give her the presents...

Hello all this is my first thread here and I am having a dilema.

My daughter is 3 years old and her father has been in and out of her life since her birth.

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