Debby ryan and nick santino dating

And if your prettier than her tell me which magazines of cover girl have you been on because I'm pretty sure they would hire a troll instead of you for a magazine With lots of love, me Laura Marano having that much of self confidence is a great thing.She having so much of self confidence is way better than being stuck up.Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sing in alto. They are so many singers out there who can but she can't. Just listen to her music and you'll understand why. She is one of the most awful singers ever, and she's offending the whole hindu culture with her stupid autotune.She needs voice lessons then she will get better or maybe she should stick to acting She can't even act. You are pretty that's why you are famous be honest you can't sing or act.

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Acting isn't for everyone, especially not Laura Marano. I can assure you that laura marano has more talent in her spit that you'll EVER have in your whole body.

she thinks she is so much more famous than she actually is, and the funniest thing is she thinks she can sing/act! She seems to think that she is super talented and famous.

Give her 4 years or so and I bet she'll be swinging on a wrecking ball.. I personally don't know her, But from her interviews she seems stuck up. In every scene she's in, She practically drags her way through. I can't think of any Respectful words to type here that would best discribe how bad of an actor/self proclaimed singer this girl is.

Some of you are saying these people shouldn't be on the list because they have talent, well, if you'd bothered to read what the point of this list even us, this is nothing to do with talent.

Laura is far from talented but that's besides the point. She can sing though, but I would never make a point to listen to her.

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