Differences between women and men in dating habits

By using words as tools to explore and express her difficult emotions when she is upset, she is able to process her negative emotions and let them go.She values support and nurture, and is most fulfilled by sharing, cooperation and community.She’s looking for someone to listen and understand what she’s feeling.3. He engages with the woman, filtering everything she’s saying through the lens of, “What can we actually do about this?” Learning to listen patiently — not just passively — doesn’t come easily to him.

prioritizes productivity and efficiency in his daily life, and conversation is no exception.” Often he will interrupt a woman once he has heard enough to offer a solution.uses communication to explore and organize her thoughts — to discover the point of the story.A man’s “cave time” is like a short vacation: he reduces stress by forgetting about his problems and focusing on other things like watching television, reading the newspaper, or playing video games.He might avoid communication with his spouse during times of duress.

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