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DON’T automatically reject an applicant with a criminal record. According to Jodie Mc Dougal, a partner at the Davis Brown Law Firm in Des Moines, Iowa, these guidelines mean that you cannot have blanket policies excluding all applicants who are felons or consider arrest records.Instead, you should perform a case-by-case evaluation. DO stay abreast of new developments affecting screening.

The same month, the Fair Housing Justice Center in New York sued a landlord for allegedly quoting higher rental rates to black prospective tenants, rejecting applicants with public rent assistance, and making children undergo unnecessary lead tests.This information may be crucial if a rejected applicant questions your denial or selection of a different tenant.A paper trail can help you prove that the person was not denied residency based on discrimination but because a more qualified tenant was selected instead.DON’T get too personal on rental application forms.Ask about jobs, previous addresses, income, and references.

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