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it appears as if most of the remaining free internet providers are becoming less and less user-friendly.this just goes to show you that there is no free ride anymore.pop-up (interstitial ads) are becoming more and more common on websites as the ad crunch continues. just pay the a month for internet access, or (or ) if you have a good local can surf in relative luxury–free from extra ads …weask that you click on the four links below to review these documents.we hope to keep you as a subscriber to our internet service, and we want to advise you thatcontinued use will indicate your agreement to the following: 1.

anyhow, just to let you guys know, we don't have cable or dsl here in new york state, for some odd reason everyone upstate has it, though.

even the members of the mailing lists who pay for the premium service are complaining because the “premium” service also contains enough pop-ups to choke most systems.

this item was submitted by one of our readers and i found it to be quite interesting.

as a part of its attempt to discourage heavy users, juno has also changed the timeout timer to half an hour.

all users are being bombarded by ads to join the “premium” service if they want to get rid of the pop-ups and timeouts.

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