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In 2016, they wrote a letter to an appropriations subcommittee seeking funding so their staffers could obtain “Top Secret — Sensitive Compartmented Information” clearances.

TS/SCI is the highest-level security classification. Awan family members were working for a number of the letter’s signatories.

Although the Awans were banned from the Capitol computer network, not only did Wasserman Schultz keep Imran on staff for several additional months, but Meeks retained Alvi until February 28 — five days before she skedaddled to Lahore.

Strange thing about that: On March 5, the FBI (along with the Capitol Police) got to Dulles Airport in time to stop Alvi before she embarked.

In civil lawsuits, they are accused of life-insurance fraud.

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In 2012, he discharged debts in bankruptcy (while scheming to keep his real-estate holdings).He pulled it off — hilariously, if infuriatingly — by pretending to be his wife in a phone call with the credit union. It turns out they were accessing members’ computers without their knowledge, transferring files to remote servers, and stealing computer equipment — including hard drives that Awan & Co. This appears to be a real conspiracy, aimed at undermining American national security. The youngest of the clan, Awan’s brother Jamal, came on board in 2014 — the then-20-year-old commanding an annual salary of 0,000.Told that his proffered reason for the transfer (“funeral arrangements”) wouldn’t fly, “Mrs.” Awan promptly repurposed: Now “she” was “buying property.” Asking no more questions, the credit union wired the money . At the time of his arrest, the 37-year-old Imran Awan had been working for Democrats as an information technologist for 13 years. A few of these arrangements appear to have been sinecures: While some Awans were rarely seen around the office, we now know they were engaged in extensive financial shenanigans away from the Capitol. The family business evidently dabbles in procurement fraud, too. A more pressing question is: Why were they given access to highly sensitive government information?For some reason, Awan was paid about four times as much. Never mind access; it’s hard to fathom how they retained their jobs.He also managed to get his wife, Alvi, on the House payroll . The has also discovered that the family, which controlled several properties, was involved in various suspicious mortgage transfers.

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