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With colder weather approaching lettuce is a commodity in the organic garden which goes off the menu.

Lettuce based salads can easily be replaced however with home grown sprouts and garden greens and flowers provided by mother nature.

The slowfood movement was originally born in Italy in 1986 when sixty two founding members of the forerunner of Slowfood met to inaugurate 'Aricogola'.

In 1989 delegates from 15 countries signed the 'Slowfood 'Manifesto, an order that today has 100,000 members in 15 countries.

Earthtalk is a 28 acre organic farm in Auckland's Awhitu Peninsula.If you can't find an answer here then why not ask in our discussion forums?One of the very friendly and helpful members is sure to be able to help you.Considering supermarkets merchandise everything else why are fruit and vegetables excluded?Moon gardening or lunar gardening, as it is sometimes called, is one of the oldest gardening practices, dating back to the Babylonian era.

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