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Maintaining open lines of communication may help them form healthy relationships and recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships, thus preventing the violence before it starts.

Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States.

(Mom of the year, Abraham — pictured above — has leaked a sex tape, been photographed giving lap dances and skyrocketed to reality TV stardom on VH1 show, may think that stealing cars leads to a glamorous, rich lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean they’re dropping out of college to steal cars instead.

Viewers whose fathers rarely offered them information about sex, were more likely to have recently engaged in sexual relations.Considering that Monday and conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, asserts that the popular show reduced teen births by nearly six percent just in 2010.But a different study conducted by researchers at Indiana University published Thursday found the opposite to be true: 16 and Pregnant and its spinoff show, , lead viewers to think that teen mothers have an enviable quality of life.So which is it: do these MTV shows encourage or discourage teen pregnancy?Or are they having no effect at all since determining the link between media and behavior is almost impossible to do?

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