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That's right, he's never been fucked in the ass before, so I'm going to break him in gently using this small strap-on.After I loosen him up with that, I might see if he can handle my gigantic strap-on!

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Well, today I'm going to play a very interesting game with one of my slaves.

In my hands are a deck of cards, I've decided that the red ones will bring him pleasure, whereas the black ones will result in pain.

After making sure the jerk understands the rules, I shuffle the deck and have him pick a card at random.

Imagine spraying it in my mouth and give me every drop of that hot cum. White shoes obviously get dirty the easiest, so it's important that I keep them looking as shiny and new as possible. I demand that he try harder and supervise the job he does as he continues to lick every inch of my high-heels. Categories: Female Domination , Goddess Worship , Shoe & Boot Worship , Shoe Fetish Playing a Game of Pain or Pleasure with My Slave!

I use this slave's mouth to do it, watching as he cleans them with his tongue and scold him for not trying hard enough. - Today I'm going to play a game with this slave, and I explain the rules to him as he kneels naked before me.

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