Maryse dating miz

Coincidentally, The Miz had likewise dreamt of being a WWE superstar for his entire life, publicly announcing as much during his many appearances on MTV’s, .Through this notoriety, The Miz also got his first big break in WWE as the host of the 2006 Diva Search.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply for everybody, and most certainly not the mentally disturbed, as Maryse found out in terrifying fashion throughout 2011.

This meant that she also didn’t speak English when she first met her husband, which she explained was the reason why they didn’t exactly hit things off from day one.

The best way to learn a language is to speak it every day, and therefore it didn’t take long before Maryse was speaking English as fluently as her native French.

Since Maryse returned to WWE in 2016, she and her husband, The Miz, have turned into one of the prominent power couples in WWE.

Given the pairing’s succes He’s The Miz, and Maryse thinks he’s awesome.

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