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There is a balance you’ll have to find where you can sort of put distance between you and your Gemini just so that he feels he has to work harder to come after you.If he likes you, he will do whatever it takes to get your attention.He likes to feel like a champion and that he’s won a wonderful prize.If you give all your free time to him, he may enjoy it a first but he will become bored and pull back.

Russian Enigma works for busy professionals who have serious intentions to meet the future partner from Russia, who don't want waste time with online dating, who struggle to find their ideal partner, who are ready and flexible enough to travel and meet the ladies face to face.Answer the door in a trench coat with nothing underneath.After you’re done having fun, tell him you’ve got stuff you need to take care of and leave.He’ll wonder what that was about and if you plan to call him again. They truly do not understand the need for most people to want to be missed and desired.Then again, the Gemini mind may just think “that was great! This is the universal way of making most people miss you.

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