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The following screenshots show step-by-step how to define the Weighted Revenue calculated field.

In this example, we are using the fields of the originated lead of an opportunity, to calculate the appropriate date when to follow up on the opportunity.

In this example, we are using the fields of the opportunity entity to calculate the weighted revenue based on the opportunity’s probability.

In the field editor for an opportunity entity, we create a field called “Weighted Revenue” and specify the field type as Calculated and the data type is Currency.

You can use data from Lookup records within your Action.

You can accomplish all this by using the Dynamics 365 user interface, no need to write code.The calculated field editor gives you a warning if you are creating a calculated field that uses secured fields in a calculation, suggesting you secure the calculated field. The Edit button next to the Field Type takes you to the calculated field definition editor, where the new calculated field has been created, but no formula has been set.The calculated field definition consists of two sections: CONDITION and ACTION.Further, this being a linked Share Point list in MS Access, I am trying to avoid #Error being captured in the base table itself. well I googled 'sharepoint calculated column' and found plenty of hits - looks like the structure is along the lines of excel, but I guess you know that. Yes, you can also post this on my behalf - feel free to.I'm not a sharepoint fan (found it too limiting and too many bugs, but that was a few years ago and I'm sure it will have improved since then) Since no one else is stepping in here I would find a sharepoint forum and post your question there.

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