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Many students ask me which of these activities will most impress colleges, and the reality is that any of them can.Your achievements and depth of involvement matter much more than the activity itself.Add a little friendly competition to your night by making bets on a fun video game.You choose what happens when you win and vice-versa.

If you’re looking to spread the love, head to your local soup kitchen or another volunteering opportunity, and spend your day together helping those in need.

Some are simple, some are more involved, and the prices and effort required vary, but all are worth it—because you guys are #relationshipgoals and deserve to be celebrated.

A night at the theater, a museum, a dance show, the opera—find what you’re into, and splurge for a night!

Get your participants off to a good start by using these icebreaker activities in your own workplace.

Even in your regularly scheduled, weekly meetings, a brief icebreaker makes a difference in the resulting employee conversations.

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