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By doing so, SIPp will be detached from the current terminal and run in the background. If you didn't specify a number of calls to execute with the will instruct SIPp to stop placing any new calls and finish all ongoing calls before exiting. If optional is set to "global", Sipp will look every previous steps of the scenario. Indicates if 'request' ('response' is not available) is given as a regular expression.

Depending on the distribution you select, you must also supply distribution specific parameters.SIPp will stop placing new calls and wait until all current calls go to their end. Current calls will be terminated by sending a BYE or CANCEL message (depending if the calls have been established or not).The same behaviour is obtained by pressing 'q' twice. It starts to listen to port 8888 and each following SIPp instance (up to 60) will listen to base_port 1 (8889, 8890, ...).By default this scenario simply replies with a 200 OK response.This scenario can be overridden by passing the 3PCC stands for 3rd Party Call Control. While this feature was first developed to allow 3PCC like scenarios, it can also be used for every case where you would need one SIPp to talk to several remotes.

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