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Any who do have occasion for the same may have them at reasonable rates.It was from the Bass that Sir Alexander Ramsay sailed in 1358 with supplies to the besieged 'Black Agnes' in Dunbar Castle.For several centuries the Lauders extended and rebuilt the castle and by the 16th century it was one of Scotland's most prominent castles.The small chapel above the castle was rebuilt by the Lauder family twice, in 14. at his stand at the Poultry, Edinburgh, all lawful days in the week, wind and weather serving, good and fresh solan geese.

The first inhabitant on the Bass Rock was Baldred, an evangelist and hermit sent by St Mungo to spread Christianity to the Lothians in the sixth century.In 1428, 14 year-old Neil Bhass Mackay was imprisoned on the rock in exchange for his father's freedom.In an attempt to pacify the Highlanders, James imprisoned 40 Chiefs including Angus Dubh Mackay of Strathnaver, a leader of 4,000 men.The style of the masonry corresponds to other old Culdee chapels throughout Scotland.A few sandstone rybats line one of the sides of the door and inside there is a sandstone trough which once contained the holy water.

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