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I have dated someone with the same name as my sister. My sister is now engaged to someone with the same name as my dad. How often do you call your partner by their name compared to babe, baby, honey, muffin etc. continue reading » If you ever start falling for your sister's boyfriend's brother, STOP YOURSELF. If your sister begins dating a member of the same family you are, do everything in your power to end it, and avoid the struggles. create table t ( 2 record_ins_date date, 3 business_id int, 4 source_system int, 5 destination_system int 6 ) partition by range ( record_ins_date ) 7 interval ( numtodsinterval ( 1,'day' ) ) 8 subpartition by hash ( 9 business_id, source_system, destination_system 10 ) subpartitions 12 ( 11 partition p_first_part values less than ( 12 to_date ( '16-DEC-2015','DD-MON-YYYY' ) 13 ) 14 ) ; Table created.SQL select uo.subobject_name, count(*) 2 from t, user_objects uo 3 where dbms_rowid.rowid_object(t.rowid) = uo.data_object_id 4 group by uo.subobject_name 5 order by 1; SUBOBJECT_NAME COUNT(*) ------------------------------ ---------- SYS_SUBP13356 4 SYS_SUBP13357 5 SYS_SUBP13358 6 SYS_SUBP13359 5 SYS_SUBP13360 9 SYS_SUBP13361 17 SYS_SUBP13362 13 SYS_SUBP13363 13 SYS_SUBP13364 7 SYS_SUBP13365 5 SYS_SUBP13366 6 SYS_SUBP13367 10 12 rows selected.– Data is partitioned to distinguish active data from those in archived state.

Some people thought I was posting photos of myself with my brother on Instagram, others have seemed to assume were just cousins.Read more about this from Jonathan Lewis at: create table t 2 partition by range(x) 3 subpartition by hash(object_id) 4 subpartition template( 5 subpartition sp1, 6 subpartition sp2 ) 7 ( partition p_2014 values less than (to_date('01-Jan-2015','dd-mon-yyyy')) ) 8 as 9 select a.*, to_date('01-Jan-2014','dd-mon-yyyy') mod(rownum,200) x 10 from all_objects a; Table created.Authors: Patrick Block, Principal Member Technical Staff, Oracle BI Apps Development Simon Miller, Director OBIA, Oracle Customer Engineering and Advocacy Lab (CEAL team) Support for table partitioning was introduced to the BI Applications 11.x release series starting with version had never really found that kind of person, that is, until the first day of my English class at Virginia Commonwealth University.You can only tell them how it makes you fell, and hope they take it into consideration.

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