Question to ask someone on a dating site

This year, though, the question had a different slant.

Except for one part: The inevitable workout question. Related: 6 Ways Your Health Suffers When You Stop Working Out Some years, it feels like giving travel tips to someone who never leaves home.

“I worked out regularly up until my mid 30s,” he says. It was always a thing I had to do, rather than a thing I wanted to do.”He tells me he “basically went cold turkey” on exercise when he simultaneously left the job and lost access to the company’s gym.

Then I talked to someone who convinced me otherwise.(In the market for a workout you’ll actually look forward to doing?

He thought the Total Gym he found on Craigslist a decade ago was the answer, but he was quickly frustrated by the limited exercise options.

Related: The 5 Best Cardio Machines On the Planet So he bought an updated version a few years later, and for a while, he says, he got pretty good results, packing muscle onto his arms, chest, and shoulders.

He now carries 235 pounds on what used to be a classically proportioned 5-foot-11 frame.

Related: The Workout That Can Help You Lose 3 Inches Of Belly Fat Which brings us back to the original problem: How can he find the motivation to do something he fundamentally dislikes but also believes is crucially important?

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