Robert pattinson dating katy perry

For one, Katy is sitting right next to Rob in his booth.She’s leaning in to him while Rob is leaning in her direction as well.With Kristen’s long-term relationship flourishing, Robert Pattinson is trying to figure out if he wants to jump into another one after breaking up with his fiancée, FKA twigs.This past fall, he called it quits with the British singer and was quickly rumored to be heating things up with Katy Perry. “Damsel is a good film, particularly because of its acting and originality, but falls short of greatness,” Roger Ebert wrote.

Sure, Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson want the world to think that they are nothing more than just best friends, but their body language tells a completely different story.They both look like they are rather engaged in their conversation and very comfortable with one another, too.If that weren’t enough, Rob hasn’t been seen with his fiancé FKA Twigs in weeks.Despite the fact the star, Robert Pattinson, is trying to navigate his new single life and potentially figure out where he stands with Katy Perry.The 27-year-old actress had a full year of acting as well as promoting and even directing her own movies.

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