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Sanchez was 21 years old when she moved to New York City to pursue her modeling and acting career. In 1993 Roselyn was crowned Miss Petite Puerto Rico.

In 1994 this beautiful Puerto Rican woman was crowned Miss American Petite. Roselyn starred in over 30 films and television series including: Rush Hour 2 and 3, Game Plan, Fame LA, Without A Trace, etc.

See more » I just have to write a comment as a pianist and piano teacher.

If I had a piano student who had started at age 8 as Sophia did and was playing such simple pieces as a high school senior, I would be embarrassed.

Sanchez in one sentence – Roselyn is a gorgeous Puerto Rican woman with an irresistible charm and sensuality.

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See full summary » Sophia, a smart but quiet high schooler, strikes up a friendship with a new girl in class, but the girl begins to disrupt the lives of Sophia and her family.

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A Beethoven Sonata movement or some Chopin would have been nice and worthy of the accolades that she received.

Jamie Luner's character name in the credits is Ashley Allen.

When Michelle first speaks to her, she calls her Mrs. Josh Blacker's character in the credits is Detective Jenkins.

The two actually started seeing each other last month, according to reality star Ernesto Argüello. News at the time that the couple broke up after only being together for a few months because they had "distance problems."So, is Baston the one? Although, don't expect Longoria to someday walk down the aisle.

After all, during a recent appearance on , the star explained why she has no intention of ever tying the knot again."I've been married twice," said Longoria, who divorced Tyler Christopher in 2004 and Tony Parker in 2011.

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