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I wish there are 48 hours so we can watch drama for the extra 24 hours.. Recently, there are few dramas which got me hooked… I couldn’t stop talking about this drama to anyone who’s willing to listen.. Most importantly, even after finished watching; we still remember every single member in the family… I have seen him in Legend of the condor heroes with Ariel Lin and didn’t “really” like his acting back then.. At least, I get to see my potrait of Mei Chang Su from another drama.. It was heart breaking not seeing them together at the end.. But, if they are use for EVERY drama, it’s kinda annoying… And unfortunately, I am finding more than 10 crappy dramas and even “forced” to finish it just for the sake of Hawick Lau.. You are my sunshine Typically Tang Yan’s drama and character.. I like this drama a lot even though it’s not a kick ass quality.. By hooked, I mean: That’s why even though I am very busy.. The Nirvana in Fire First and foremost, allow me to talk about NIRVANA IN FIRE.. Nirvana in Fire is the drama that got me speechless in a good way… As you all know that I have been a romance theme fan forever.. For recap, you can visit Heisui at for the character stilts, you can visit Jole Cole at For now, I still haven’t got over my feeling about this drama.. So, if anyone wants to talk about NIF, I will be gladly accompany you anytime any day. The Disguiser If you love the bromance in Nirvana in Fire, you will love the one in The Disguiser even more… Battle of Changsha In this drama, Wallace Huo is good at portraying his character and the leading lady is even more likable.. I miss watching their interaction with each other.. Journey of Flower I am a big fan of the condor heroes series… Although I already had a hunch that LSS will be with Eddie Peng (I don’t want to write their characters because I am still sad for Mo Xun), I still have my every little hope that at least Mo Xun will get Xin Yue back… I can’t even sympathize / concentrate with the some of the scenes because when I hear the music background, my mind automatically remembered BBJX / Legend of the Condor Heroes.. If only the music was good, the sensitive viewers like me would have immersed to the drama even more.. This drama is not as good as Sealed with a kiss but it has a couple of very intense kissing scenes and the story line is quite interesting. The first 10 episodes are quite interesting because we are curious of what happened in the past… I just love their chemistry like the one in Office Girl.. Roy Chiu was recently in mainland China to promote his upcoming movie, LANG MAN TIAN JIANG (浪漫天降), which is actually his first feature-length film ever in the mainland Chinese market. Sina: Have you set a time limit for when you must get married? I feel that marriage is something that is based on fate. Sina: You’re good-looking and you have a lot of fans. Lately, she hasn’t arranged any dates for me, but she will send hints to me, for example, telling me that someone or other is getting married.In an interview with Sina, he revealed that he has been single ever since his breakup with Tang Yan, but he is awaiting the day a new romance emerges. Sina: During the movie’s press conference a few days ago, you admitted that you were single. Currently, I am single, but of course I look forward to love and the day romance descends [this is how “lang man tian jiang” can be translated]. It’s not something that can be conducted once you’ve set a time. Is your mom still worried about your getting married? Sina: Did you bring any of your previous girlfriends to meet your mom?Transcribed interview below: Sina: Your new movie LANG MAN TIAN JIANG is about to open in theaters. Is this a public response to the end of your relationship that year? Sina: So you have always been single after breaking up with Tang Yan? Afterwards, I kept filming and was always busy with work, up until now. Will you still find someone in the entertainment industry? Roy: Not a single one, so that’s why she’s worried. Because we’re talking about an old topic, are you afraid that netizens will say you’re creating hype? I do understand that the media will be concerned about what happened then, but my attitude is to avoid it as much as I can.What sort of expectations do you have for your first movie in mainland China? Sina: Were any of your previous girlfriends marriage material to you? Sina: At the press conference, you said something that netizens interpreted as your calling out to Tang Yan and asking her to make up. [Note: Roy said something like “I’m single now, so you can like me. Sina: When her assistant revealed all those details about your relationship, did you two privately communicate with one another? I can’t not answer at all, since I know it’s something everyone is concerned about.

Roy Chiu Tse is a Taiwanese actor, singer, and racing driver.

He made his debut in 2002 with the TV drama "Starry Starry Night".

In 2006, he enlisted in the army to complete his compulsory military service.

My first two attempts utterly ended in failure because I never got passed Episode 4.

The storyline just didn't captivate my interest; the melodramatic stunts and overacting/annoyance of Tang Yan's character, Liu Xiaobei, were sometimes painful to watch.

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