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Being the pragmatist I am, and wanting to save my Tsardom, I sent my minions to Africa. So many dissidents have sprung up because of his insolence. All these who are inciting the people against the State. Our beloved intelligentsia were most recently lead by the great Dan Brown (pbuh-no relation), in proving that an old, overdone, systematically de-bunked "controversial theory which will rock Christianity to it's very core" can be repackaged and sold again. It's like going to the Alzheimer's ward in an old folks home and charging every night to tell them the same story. Brown -Australian comrades have collaborated with our group in the past very successfully. His planet-worshipping paganism leaves something to be desired, but he does have an incredible knack for white-guilt tripping. Mind you, if I'd had to go around being called Scooter, I might enjoy prison... My wife/partner unit/robot was programmed too much like a female hedgehog so that at times of stress she starts to want to eat the children (and human men complain about their union partners!If only these people understood what they lost when the Bundesrat denied me my place next to Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Clooney when they ixnayed my plans to control, I mean assist the People with my Universal Health Care. Providing, of course, that the wealth is re-distributed. Comrade Beezelbob Brown, the article from the Herald Sun which you link to [this guy] is nothing but flimflammery. Comrade Blokhayeva and I are simple people dedicated to our glorious revolutionary cause. Handi-capable Party members everywhere weep as one of our most useful modes of transportation becomes politically incorrect, and we must look forward to taking our tricycles out of storage, with their silly baskets, little vinyl flags on thin plastic poles and personalized miniature licence plates with stupid things written on them (or our names - even worse - as if we have to announce who we are, or perhaps, in case we get lost and forget it ourselves), not to mention the Harpo bicycle horn and vinyl handle-bar cover tassles... And you expect the dear Chairman to give up his limo? Not when my robotics department is so close to making cars drive themselves (as well as go faster, change their own color, and call your boss for you to tell him you are late -- if you have not been watching the peoples discovery channel, you need some re-edukkaction again.) With her Majesty the Wraith Queen taking her thrown in 2008, cars responsibility with global warming will be over with the advent of magic pixie juice. ) She/It is currently at another residence at tax payers’ expense. We could set up a new Wall Street with a Big Board, all computerized, for marketing carbon credits. And after they become inflated, we'll have new cubits. And we can have eco-cubits, where people take environmental ecotourism.), i.e., George Custer, whose “knees” were “wounded” in the process of his Manifest Destiny. Comrade bohemianlikeyou, Native Americans are an oppressed people that were the victims of centuries of genocide inflicted upon them by the bouguois White Christian Males. Native American peoples did NOT make war with one another. But not to worry, I shall take my car to a certified Peoples Mechanic, and get the engine overhauled so that it can run on Magic Pixie Juice. All the sudden the phrase "White and Nerdy" comes to mind (execpt that I am the color red). SMO Actually the phrase "white and nerdy" was referring to the peoples artist Weird Al.Dear Comrade Bell -The educational news story above makes perfectly clear that the very existence of "Rugged Individual" is scientifically impossible and is nothing but a ploy by big corporations relayed by the notorious propagandist and class enemy Limbaugh. Native American peoples did NOT make war with one another. They lived in peace amongst themselves and in harmony with nature. His superb Marxist ideology packaged in a PR-friendly Aussie-blokey outer shell to appeal to the blessed working class. the original native inhabitants of America whose lands were stolen… I understand your desire for eleminating the carbon footprint that will result in the end of the world in the next 6 months, and how we all need to shave our heads, sit in sackcloth, and throw ashes on ourselves, greived for building the most advanced society on earth. A singer for the younger generations that made a very progressive video about how un-cool it is to be a white middle class male.The Party cares for all, and in the mean time, your children have caviar at the expense of the Kulaks! Lenin is rolling in his grave, wherever it now is that he's been disconnected from his formaldehyde, with envy, knowing that all the useful idiots he talked about are sitting in front of the cameras in every news room and all the news bureaux in the world, talking to Algore with a straight face. I can see it now, the hapless multitudes of progressive peoples lining the streets to trade hard currency for these imaginary credits and then running to friends, family, co-workers and ex-sexual partners to prove their Moral Superiority™. I tip my Ushanka to the useful-idiot who came up with that idea. Trade in those decadent dollars for Cubits™, save the world and end your purchasing power forever! In other times it would be called slavery but in these progressive times, it's called Social Responsibility, which means of course getting people less fortunate than you to be responsibile for you so you can tell them how lucky they are to have you to look after them, and not quite so much tonic in the Bombay Sapphire, or I'll have you back on the plantation where you deserve.

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Perhaps Swine Limbaugh and James Cameron can be "taught" to swap Tofu recipes.-- Unbelievable! No worries, comrades - the Fairness Doctrine will silence this cigar-smoking enemy of progress soon. Now if you'll excuse me; I have to cash in these Eco-Credits for that new Corvette I've been wanting. Let me know when it becomes convenient to debunk that cult.

"It's a fact that the Rugged Individual once lived in America and settled the West," the controversial commentator said. "The whole progressive movement has faced this since the day Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto," writes one scholar in a letter to San Francisco Chronicle.

"Limbaugh needs to go back to college and take a standard course in political science," writes another scholar.

Why start the debate unless you doubt (or maybe even DENY) the findings of progressive science? Please don't become a tool of bourgeois propaganda, a useful idiot and a puppet in the hands of the man behind the curtain (who is a White Christian Male, no doubt). They lived in peace amongst themselves and in harmony with nature. By "fighting" I meant only that the Native Americans had many spirited non-violent rivalries within the context of peaceful inter-tribal games designed to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of diversity found among the 500 different nations.(It's from this wonderful tradition that game hacky sack was born, by the way.)It was the white man who arrested this development with violence, competition, and disease. Peace through shame,bohemianlikeyou We could have had Limbaugh. You are treading dangerously close to committing a thoughtcrime. I must get back to washing my 4WD SUV.--Zampolit B. Blokhayev At last, Some like minded komrades with whom to share my political experience from down under. Our brothers were actually planning an inquisition to root out global warming heretics. He would use colloqial language to communicate on the level of the masses, such as "bugger" and "bloody" and of course, occasionally using the name of Jesus (the first Palestinian Suicide Bomber). I can tell you now, she wants her Hummer H1 washed and vacuumed. Did Rush Limbaugh mention that, in his trek across the plains to California, whether or not he found any tangible, physical, archaeological, and forensic evidence of those “rugged individuals”… those forgotten people who were slaughtered by the real American heroes(? But some of us need to keep up our image for the party. "BTW - I have seen fotos of cute little Pointy Rodent Offspring. The white middle class male was riding around on the Segway in the video.

As our Green fellow travelers like to say, "The debate is over." Yes the debate is over. The tone of the article is correct, but the "factual errors" tend to show that the EGB walks the walk that FLAG (Fearless Leader Al Gore) talks. Bell, Are you referring to the Sioux who were killing the Cherokee who were caught up in a centuries old battle with the Apaches who were almost wiped out by the Iroquois who vowed to kill every last Navajo? Peace through surveillance,bohemianlikeyou *pops head up from glass of Pravda*Huh? You are treading dangerously close to committing a thoughtcrime. I must get back to washing my 4WD SUV.--Zampolit B. In summary, I will wash your 4WD SUV and clean one of your 27,000 Sq. I tried for eight years to get rid of the menace he presents. Australia was the land of peace-loving Aborigine communities before we destroyed it with Imperialist Colonial Invasion bringing our western diseases, and stealing all of their children, using the excuse of "we found them on the side of the road and assumed nobody wanted them". In the fiercely secular nayshun of stray-ya this is pure political gold. Complete the tasks she has for you satisfactorily, and I shall not bring you before a People's Revolutionary Tribunal nor shall I inform the Politburo of your transgression against the oppressed aborigine peoples of the world.--Zampolit B. Blokhayev Another story proving that the Rugged Individualist independent of the caring Nanny State is a myth, at least in today's world. ... Pravda reports that counter-revolutionary capitalist roader Scooter Libby has been found guilty on four of five counts of lying to the KGB under oath. The only realistic solution I can think of is Segueways... ), i.e., George Custer, whose “knees” were “wounded” in the process of his Manifest Destiny. Me looking cool in my corvette will inspire others to join the revolution. I see what you mean, your face is that of a powerful warrior, and teeth of a might weapon. I will ride my bike when I make little errands, if it is for the party then so it be.

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