Sailing dating services

We’ll never ask you to share a bed with someone else, or, if you’ve chosen to share a cabin, to share a room with someone of the opposite sex.You can read more about our boats and their cabin arrangements here.More than 90% of our guests travel solo and willing to throw themselves in with our other motley crew on arrival 🙂 People come with us because we offer an inclusive, comfortable environment of like-minded people, sailing beautiful, powerful boats in turquoise water and a warm wind.You’ll come with us because you need a total escape from 21 century living.All of our sailing trips are suitable for singles and solo travellers, and it’s important to note that it’s a shared adventure rather than a dating service….although who knows, you might just meet someone who ignites a spark!

Here, we’ll try and explain what makes a vacation with Yacht Ibis special and you’ll find the answers to the following questions: We can also help you narrow down our sailing holidays for the coming season so that you choose one that fits with your sailing abilities and aspirations, or the part of the world you’d like to see. We’re roughly male to female, although in recent years we’re seeing more ladies joining our crew and on certain trips, e.g.Other interests, apart from sailing, include photography, nature watching, fitness – we’ve had a number of triathletes on board! Not everyone has prior sailing experience, and we welcome you if you’re a beginner sailor; our skippers are all experienced in helping new crew to learn the ropes and to feel a valued member of the team from the outset.Maybe you’ve sailed when you were younger, or have taken a sailing course a while ago but not put it to much use since.our Christmas Extravaganza, we try and ensure an even mix – it does tend to keep the banter light!Age-wise, people range from mid 30’s to mid 50’s on the whole, but we also welcome active older guests who want to pitch in on board.

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