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In the context of a modern very long lifetime (by any historical standards), monogamy is a clearly a failure based on the simple statistic that most marriages fail by the 13th year -- a very small fraction of our adult lives! So after your first divorce, monogamy in the strict sense (of not counting serial) is no longer possible by definition.

And, by the way, for many people, swinging or poly is an enhancement to their marriage, not a way to solve a problem.

The popularity of divorce indicates that marriage is not a lifelong contract for about half of the people who try it (at least in the US), and cohabitation without being married further dilutes the primacy of marriage.

Some married people create agreements that allow them to have sex with other people.

For others, monogamy is hard and makes them feel stifled or trapped, and does not necessarily make insecurity go away because monogamous people cheat on each other and get divorced too.

Monogamy is no guarantee that the relationship will remain together.

My wife and I have been swingers for 10 years, so I have more than a passing familiarity with this sort of thing, and have come into contact with pretty much all of its variations even if we choose to express our non-monogamy in only one way.

Put another way, sex is 90% of a bad relationship, 20% of a good one.Classic monogamy -- when people married as (at least in theory) virginal teenagers and remained sexually exclusive through their entire lives until one died and the other became celibate -- is no longer the norm in many industrialized nations I don't think it was ever the norm, it was the accepted facade.I think the switch is that its now become more acceptable for women to be living a lifestyle more like a man in terms of sex.If you mean that polyamory is not emotionally intimate, then I would say that my research directly contradicts that and you can find more information on that in my post at Also, the woman in the video repeatedly said that happy marriages provided people with emotional support and proved protective for positive health outcomes.For some people, a happy marriage includes sex with new partners or multiple partners over time.

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