Sex canada muslim dating

The statistics related to Muslim communities are no different: research by Sobia Ali-Faisal indicated that of over 400 17-35 year old Muslims surveyed, 2/3 had engaged in pre-marital sex.And of the 1/3 who didn't, 50% had seriously considered it.

As Muslims, we are not born with the abstinence switch turned on (no pun intended).

Some Muslims are fine with everything up to and including sex.

Some Muslims may try different forms of physical intimacy with their partner and will change their definition of abstinence - which is absolutely healthy and brings to this discussion the notion of consent.

I do not for one second buy it when boys and men so confidently state, "Well, you know, I'm a man and I have needs" as a valid reason for their choice to be sexually active. At the same time, we cannot endorse abstinence from a solely emotional/fear-based perspective - "You might regret having sex," "What if you don't get married?

," and "Sex is painful" is just a few of the erroneous and harmful statements that Muslims are often told.

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