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They were killed by a 16-second hail of 187 automatic rifle and shotgun rounds, fired at their Ford V8 sedan.Immortalised in Arthur Penn's classic 1967 film, in which they were played by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, the pair the American press called 'Romeo & Juliet In A Getaway Car' earned themselves a place in the criminal hall of fame - joining infamous mobsters such as Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson.In the flesh, they were as far removed from the images created by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty as it is possible to imagine.For a start, Bonnie was barely 4ft 11in tall and weighed just over 6 and a half stone, while Clyde was only 5ft 3in and a little over eight stone.Near Gibsland, they stopped to greet the father of one of their gang members - but it was a trap.A six-man posse of Texas and Louisiana troopers was waiting in ambush and opened fire.The lawmen who shot them also wanted their piece of history.Hamer and his men took the arsenal of machine guns, rifles and pistols they found in the car, as well as the 15 false number plates that Clyde used to confuse his pursuers. Bonnie Parker's clothes and saxophone, which had also been in the Ford, were taken by the lawmen, too.

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Clyde died instantly - the first shot took off the top of his head.

Their deaths were certainly violent in the extreme.

On the day of their demise, Clyde Barrow, who was just 25, was driving along in his socks, while Bonnie was eating a sandwich in the passenger seat.

But Bonnie was only wounded and began screaming - a scream so terrible that their principal pursuer, former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, fired two more shots into the defenceless 23-year old at close range.

'I hate to bust the cap on a woman, especially when she was sitting down,' the laconic Hamer said afterwards.

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