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But this is no fact; it is rather the baseless fancy of incompetent observers, to some extent acquiesced in, or at least not contradicted, by the proud Castilian, who cares not at all about the opinions of other nationalities, and who never takes the trouble to enlighten ignorance of the kind.

Everyone knows that these dreams were never realised; that, so far from remaining the greatest nation of the Western World, Spain has gradually sunk back into a condition that leaves her to-day outside of international politics; and that, with the loss of her last colonies over- seas, she appears to the superficial observer to be a dead or dying nation, no longer of any account among the peoples of Europe.

To hit the happy medium, and to draw from a tour in Spain, or from a more prolonged sojourn there, all the pleasure that may be derived from it, and to feel with those who, knowing the country and its people intimately, love it dearly, a remembrance of its past history and of its strange agglomeration of nationalities is abso- lutely necessary ; nor can any true idea be formed of the country from a mere acquaintance with any one of its widely differing provinces.

Whether they always acknowledge it or not, is another question.

^ n&SM^lraftiftfe LOUIS- HIGGI OUR EUROPEAN NEIGHBOURS Edited by William Harbutt Dawson. The Act in itself was irregular; it was never put before the Cortes, and the Council of Castile protested against it at the time.

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The truth about the Carlist pretension is so little known in England that it may be well to state it. The ruler of Spain, to-day and in the future, must represent the wishes of the people; and if at any time the two should once more come into sharp collision, it is not the united people of this once- divided country that would give way. No nation in the world is more innately demo- cratic than Spain none, perhaps, so attached to Land and People 7 monarchy ; but one lesson has been learned, probably alike by King and people that abso- lutism is dead and buried beyond recall. Nothing is farther from the truth; there is no hatred of American or English, and, if there had been, they little know the innate courtesy of the Spanish people, who fear 2 Spanish Life insult that is not due to the overbearing manners of the tourist himself. To the other wonderful legends which gather round this romantic country, and are spread abroad, unabashed and uncontradicted, was added one more, to the effect that so strong a feeling existed on the part of the populace against Americans, that it was unsafe for English-speaking visitors to travel there.

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