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Gwang-Jae (Cha Tae-Hyun) is Hyun-Jae’s manager and popular singer Bo-Hee (Yoon Son-Ha) is his girlfriend. One moth later, his car is found by a lake and he is presumed dead.

In 2017, Gwang-Jae now runs a small entertainment company.

They said a lot of things which I can take with me as a person. The cast is honestly so perfect and loved every single one of them. :) not many dramas make me cry, but this drama makes me laughed and cried so much especially when grandpa soodae lost his way back home made me cry so much. Thank you production team for producing this great drama, i really enjoyed it a lot. :) This is my first time writing about a review on this Asian Wiki. The number seems low because its airtime is late Friday night which is new. and It airs on the same time as Produce101 and Show me the money4 after Produce101 ended. It even beat tvn which usually have highest rating on this time slot. It's extraordinary XD One thing I don't like is the love triangle at the middle of the series D: But if you skip those parts, you can still enjoy the show. Who thought it was a great idea to make a love triangle between a parent and child?

This is seriously one of my favorite dramas if not the best... Just everything together in this drama made it perfect! ;') I liked this even better than Goblin, which was my favorite KDrama this year.. Just wanted to write this to make justice for this heart warming drama. I even played Beautiful Beautiful at my wedding recently. I was watched a lot of movies, dramas, serials but the acting for me in here was too good. Everyone, please spread this amazing drama and make it big. Grandpa's story is touching and heartwarming, starting from the middle of the series TT i peronally think this drama has such a good plot, im starting to watch this drama because of the gooood OSTs and when i start to watch, i find this drama is soo attractive, what is so wrong with a relationship between dad and His son's friend? In 1 night and then I woke up I feel a mild migraine. No matter what the circumstances are, that's all around wrong! I personally like Ji Hoon with Hye Ri, not only because she's gorgeous but because they have so much more in common and seem like they could be really good for each other.

This is the worst K-Drama I have watched as of yet. The story line was flawed and you will be confused as of what were the goals of the lead character. I'm just hoping that the ending (whether it's a happy or a sad one) will be neat and satisfying.

I recommend that you don't watch this and save your time I really loved this drama! I especially loved how relatable it was to my own life. It's so happy with a little sadness inside sometimes. Thank you to the people that brought The Best Hit to me. Rating is actually the highest of dramas airing at the same air time. But among all dramas airing at late Friday-Saturday, This series has no.1 rating every week since the beginning. It's unpredictable and its funny scene is on a different level than other dramas. Although it's had some funny moments it's overall disturbing.

She wants a stable life, being affected by her mother who went through several divorces. And around the last episode it was kind of confusing he never changed the future even though he stopped 1994 hyunjae from killing himself. I really like the main characters look and personalities and acting . I find it sad people are complaining about the plot how irrational it is. Maybe because Hyun Jae 1993 is like a different person than the Hyun Jae they all know.

Back in 1993 and on the day Hyun-Jae disappears, a typhoon hits South Korea. i can't move on from this drama, the nonsensical plot of this drama make it the most unique. The lead characters are so lovable and the feeling that even it is a rom com, i found it sad because of their spoken back stories. the ending of the drama makes me crave more and the development of their feelings are so natural and go-with-the-flow, and not so forced and fast which maybe the reason why i want more episodes. the grandad side story was really sweet and made me cry. I would recommend you to watch .the right amout of cheese .. The story is not fast paced and cliche, and actually made me cry with some parts ? It's the first korean drama that I've only watched in oe day and the first one that I've rewatched. Kudos to the staffs, director, script writter, and the cast. Stumble upon this gem after wondering what to binge. Based on my opinion, if the story starts with irrational things , I think its kinds of logical if its going towards irrational plot or ending. Its like a reborn version but with some of the memories there and trying to fix what the original Hyun Jae couldn’t do.

As the episode goes, I find it weird for them to be together.

I also hope all the other actors in The best Hit will succeed and gain the recognition they deserve!! However, despite knowing all this, I still say, what?!! This was an okay drama, I enjoyed much of it, but there were so many things that did not add up... I know 1993 Hyun Jae was still healthy and could live on, but he died in 1994 so why all the waaay in the future in 2017 would 1993 Hyun Jae come back. 3.unable to perform simple mathematic calculation regarding years of time travel. Can't accept that someone travel to future isn't the same as the one in the past and that one character is not allowed to have its own character growth I.e stay the same past self. Unable to let any character to have some flaws and I.e good character must stay good, the evil surely must be evil. This drama is not for you then, coz this is not overthe top drama. U need to look at the simplest base of reality of life to understand it. Also Taehyun & Yoo PD (former 2 days 1 night director) are the directors :(( Plus there are cameo's of the members of 2d1n! It's so bad that this drama isn't popular in their country :( For me, this drama is too good to compare for its content to other dramas who gets high raitings for their cast who is so popular but have a story which have a story that's nothing to compare with this. In regards to the love triangle between the hyun jae, his son, and woo seung.... My reasoning would be due to the fact that although by blood Hyun jae is ji hoon's dad, this hyun jae that is currently with them is technically not the same dad.

The reason for him appearing in 2017 doesn't make sense. But one thing for sure, it's a good comedy drama for anyone who prefer light-hearted drama. sounds confusing but if you think about it, hyun jae with wooseung right now is hyun jae from 1993, which would mean at the time he was single (not with bo hee therefore not ji hoon's dad) if it was the hyun jae from 94 who loved boo hee and fathered jihoon coming back and romancing wooseung then yea i would say its weird and gross but if you think about it, its not so i think their love is completely fine.

But for me the drama have a good plot, it's unique. I really really like really appreciate I love the drama. Hyun-Jae and Woo-Seung was such a fun pair to watch and I actually rooted for them for them. By the end I just thought I'd like to see an entire season lead by Ji-Hoon, MC Drill, MJ, and Do Hye-Ri since their scenes never bore me, especially with MC Drill. If you don't listen or read the story well of course you wouldn't understand how good and well done this drama made. It's not masterpiece, not so well plotted all along the drama, in my opinion, but it just go with the flow of life. So if consider it as Slice of life drama, it's pretty good and very enjoyable. There were some moments that made me shed a tear and some that were so weird, but I loved this drama and thought the cast was perfect. but now this drama has end there goes my Sat & Sun.... I don't really care about that anymore, since the other things are more important than that.

All I can say this drama is so heart warming and the Best! Some holes are still there without being filled at the end but that's how life is, nothing is certain. This drama is not flawless, but sure it's a good one.

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