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Again, she may not realise or she may not even be willing to accept responsibility for this much power, yet.

This is especially true if she is much younger than him.

That’s a lot of (apparent) sacrifice involved, in the beginning of this romance.

As above, it looks on the surface like there’s a lot of sacrifice involved.

Each partner senses something they lack which can be made whole by the other, but their basic earthy nature remain similar enough for them to sympathise with one another.

Virgo and Taurus compatibility is based on this similarity of nature, and ensures that there are few nasty surprises for this couple. Taurus is an extremely sensual sign and although Virgo is modest and can be a little uptight initially, Taurus knows how to break down those barriers.

Appearances can only last for so long – you really have to be willing to break your personal limits to understand why you’re so attracted to one another, and how to manage that attraction.

This is one of the few romances in Virgo’s life where she comes off as the slower of the two, despite everything you read about Taurus being slow. As far as the houses go, just know that Taurus’ personal houses (1st-4th) overlap with Virgo’s universal houses (9th-12th).

For all Virgo is the Healer of the zodiac, she sometimes struggles to heal her own nerves, but steady Taurus reassures her.

Meanwhile, solid, sensible, dependable Taurus is captivated by Virgo’s mercurial mind.

An old fashioned romance, the Virgo and Taurus relationship is dutiful, sensible, practical and warm.

Taurus and Virgo compatibility is very strong as both are earth signs, so they instinctively understand one another.

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