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» Gebt nicht auf und hebt die Faust hoch Gemeinsam gehn wir den härtesten Weg rauf und Blicken nicht zurück, stehn zusammen da Frei und Hand in Hand, einer für alle, all 4 ONE Lass dich nicht unterkriegen Sag was du zu sag…

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With little open, it’s far better to make like the Swiss and escape to the mountains and lakeshores to hike, swim and soak up the glorious scenery. Assuming everyone speaks all Switzerland’s national languages.

As recent political tussles have shown, many people across Switzerland feel English is a more useful ‘second’ language than learning another Swiss national language instead. No, you must greet everyone individually, either with a handshake or, if you know them already, by kissing them three times. Warning notes, verbal reprimands and even – as in one recent case – physical violence could ensue. The Swiss like to eat their lunch early, compared to some other countries. You’ll just have to grab a sandwich (with the obligatory gherkin) from a supermarket instead. Heading to your favourite cafe / restaurant / bar in August. Expecting to get low-denomination banknotes out of the wall.

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