Updating links in indesign applescript

Congratulations: By starting to read this article you have taken the first step towards making your life far easier!

I’m going to uncover a secret that can transform you from a regular In Design User to a super-powered force of nature!

Do you have ten different find/ change queries that you have to run one after the other?

You need Find Change By List, and the good news is that you already have it—it’s one of the free scripts that are installed by default into the Samples folder inside the Scripts folder.

Click on the script name to jump to a web page from which you can download the script.

Or go to Design Secrets.com/free for the full list of links to the sites where you can download the scripts.

Make sure it ends with or (sometimes scripts get a added to their name when you download them from the internet).

What about a custom icon at the end of your magazine story? In the past, that meant not only buying another application, but learning it!Figure 2: The History scripts let you undo or redo as many steps as you want, using a convenient popup menu.You can set a keyboard shortcut to these scripts (or any other script) for easy access by choosing Edit Indy Font turns In Design into a font creation application—yes, you can literally design and export a font!One of the most stunning examples of a free script available is Calendar Wizard, a by Scott Selberg that he has posted at the popular open source Source Forge site.Calendar Wizard can create calendars in a wide variety of forms, and with a wide range of options — including holidays, phases of the moon, and calendars in over 20 different languages (Figure 1)!

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