What do spiritualists feel about dating

“Whilst in London Michael suggested that we take a walk in Richmond Park.

I was overcome by an eyrie feeling of dejavu as we walked down the paths.

For Richard King, Lorelei is a real personage with whom he has shared past lives.

“During development circles and at other times, I began to see parts of other lives, my own and, occasionally other people’s. In mediumistic communications she calls my wife Jo her ‘Celestial Sister’.

If two different psychics were to say the same thing about a past life and it corresponds with your own spontaneous recall then it could stand as evidence that is suggestive of reincarnation.

This article is about reincarnation evidence and lovers from past lives.

“It was like dreaming while you’re wide awake” explains Rosemary “All of a sudden I would be transported back in time to Victorian times.

Lives I had spent with Lorelei included one during the English Civil War. I was called Jeremy and our children Ann-Marie and Toby.” “Some people joke that having Lorelei around is like being haunted by the ghost of an ex-wife. This was proved to Jo and I when she had to have a hysterectomy.

I sat in meditation asking Lorelei to send healing to her as the operation took place.

He saw us together playing on rocks and swimming in a large river.” Can you remember your past life?

: When Richard and Leigh searched their history books they discovered that there was a mythical woman called Lorelei.

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