What do spiritualists feel about dating

“One evening after attending a healing session, Leigh and I were in a coffee shop.Leigh said she was seeing mountains connected with me and asked if I had been to Italy or Austria.The French poet Apollinaire had written about her as goddess ‘Who made all men perish from love’.According to the legends she lived near the Black Forest at the famous crag that overhangs the Rhine downstream from Bacharach in Germany.I saw Jo and Lorelei surrounded in a pink cloud of healing light.The doctors were amazed at Jo’s remarkable recovery and she was home within just a few days of the operation.” Also check out my article about reincarnation – do you believe?I said that a healer had just made a similar connection.

Most of this concerns the lives he’s shared with his soul mate Lorelei.

For Richard King, Lorelei is a real personage with whom he has shared past lives.

“During development circles and at other times, I began to see parts of other lives, my own and, occasionally other people’s. In mediumistic communications she calls my wife Jo her ‘Celestial Sister’.

I felt that I knew her, and that we had been deeply, physically, in love many times.

It was an intense, all pervading love of such quality, depth, beauty and sheer power- beautiful beyond words and utterly devastating.

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