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It means there were much less variously dated disasters in fact.Chronicle dating may vary from 2 to 3 years which is a usual practice.These are no volcanic bombs, after all, just middle-sized bolides.

And it is clear that it was neither ploughed by burnt city defenders in the Temple nor by Roman soldiers who had no idea about either bull or peasant yoke.Aurelian burned the Alexandrian Library in 270, 271, 272 and 273. When a medieval monk misused the scale he gave out 55 versions of "shifts" alone which falsely let the event to be thrown off from 7 to 2112 years in the past. “the military order of Hera” (Herostratus) burnt the Artemis temple in Ephesus, so the difference between this date and the date of Alexandrian lighthouse destruction is 1731 years.Patriarch Theophilus burned this very library in 381 and 391. But there existed other scales (there are tens of them). Nearly the same difference (1733 years) is between Judaic scale (3760) and Alexandrian scale (5493).) times – here’s the short list of dates and causes of its terrible final: At the same time, it’s impossible to find any information about the recovery of Antiochy: just like to the Pharos the city simply “resurrects”.And now, one more interesting detail: the Antiochy’s ruination coincides to twice to the appearance of the comet “Meneh, Thekel, Phares” (560 and 558); once - to the Jerusalem’s Ruination (1098-1099); and also two times – to the Pharos’ destroying (362-3-1100).

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