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Ever since then, they had been inseparable and were seen together attending various functions and a number of film festivals globally.

Diego and Luna, in the beginning of their marriage, were extremely supportive of each other’s works and were seen working together in a number of projects too.

After just seven months into their marriage, they welcomed their first child Jeronimo and in the summer of 2010, they welcomed their daughter Fiona into their family. Diego and Camila were the most speculated and followed couple in all of Mexico.British actress ROMOLA GARAI, 22, who plays AMELIA SEDLEY...DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS co-stars DIEGO LUNA and ROMOLA GARAI dated in secret while shooting the movie.The two were seen and photographed getting intimate with each other on a number of occasions.Sources close to them have said Olga is certainly Diego’s girlfriend at the moment.

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