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When I was 26, I met a 23 year old named Wil at a New Year’s Eve party a mutual friend of ours was having.We started dating, eventually got married and spent several years working our asses off to keep our family above water while my ex-husband tried his hardest to pull us all under. I hadn’t done anything with googly eyes in years and was re-introduced to them by Bonnie Burton when she stayed with us while filming an episode of Table Top in December 2011.It is unfortunate that he spent the boys’ childhood doing that but Wil and I raised two fantastic young men out of that situation. I was instantly reminded how much I loved them when she put them on a few things around my house so I got my own supply.I came up with #Vandal Eyes on Twitter before attending a convention in Anaheim in January 2012 because I thought it was a funny way to tag vandalizing things with googly eyes.“It’s a clip show of me setting up things that happened on ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Orphan Black’ and all the superhero shows, then running clips and making jokes, and maybe talking about cool comic books and things we’ve seen online.” The California native started acting at age 7, appearing in commercials and TV and movie guest spots before landing the role of Gordie Lachance in the 1986 hit “Stand by Me,” alongside River Phoenix.He then spent four seasons on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” But Wheaton grew disillusioned with Hollywood and followed his love of technology to Topeka, Kan., where he spent four years helping to develop a video-editing program called Video Toaster 4000, before the acting bug brought him back to California.He was a vegan, an environmentalist, a musician, an addict. a role in which the camera finally stops treating him like a pin-up boy) is his performance as a narcoleptic street urchin in , wherein he finds the balance between hesitant libertine and self-destructive hustler. River’s death provides no lesson just as subsequent essays provide no resurrection.

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At first he was hugely disappointed, as his cousins had all received the newest and coolest in hand-held video games. “She said, ‘This is a game for people who like to imagine things, and you have a great imagination. Flash-forward 30 years, and he can boast 2.6 million Twitter followers, a recurring role as himself on television’s most popular sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Table Top,” a popular board-game web series, not to mention the nerdiest of bona fides — playing Wesley Crusher on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” And now he has “The Wil Wheaton Project,” a weekly Sy Fy network show premiering Tuesday that’s a mash-up of “The Soup,” “Talking Dead” and “Attack of the Show.” “I’m reviewing the things that we, in nerd culture, really love,” he says.At 23 years old, I had already been married, divorced and was living on my own as a single parent with two little boys.I put myself through cosmetology school at night while working as a waitress during the day.It happened pre-Internet, but it seemed like we all heard the news before the story went to press: on October 31st, 1993, 23-year-old River Phoenix died on a Sunset Strip sidewalk outside The Viper Room.We heard that he convulsed for over five minutes, that his sister Rain tried mouth-to-mouth and threw herself onto his seizing body while his brother Joaquin, née Leaf, called 911.

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